Luquillo, is a small, seashore town, located on the northeast coast of Puerto Rico. It has miles of golden sand beaches, lined with Palm Trees. The color of the water has all shades of blue.

There are six different beautiful beaches in Luquillo, making walking the beaches such a pleasure. The beaches start with Playa Fortuna, a beach where locals love to go, Balneario Monserrate, a designated blue flag beach. Playa Azul (where we are located) is a long, wide beautiful beach. It runs along a crescent cove. Playa Costa Azul and La Pared, Luquillo's Surfer beach. Many locals come and surf daily. There you can rent a surf board and take a lesson. Then Playa Selva, if you're really adventurous, take a long walk on this Nature Reserve beach area (The Northeast Ecological Corridor). A place where the Leatherback Sea Turtles and their nests are protected.

Luquillo also has a beautiful countryside. With "El Yunque National Rain Forest" being part of Luquillo, there are plenty of rivers that come down the rain forest. There is a place called "Las Paylas", where the rocks in this river are very smooth and makes a natural playground, complete with pools and natural water slides. Lots of fun!

Luquillo is also known for the famous "Luquillo Kiosks" This is a long row of kiosks and restaurants along the beach. Here you will experience something uniquely Puerto Rican. You can have a simple snack and a cold beer, or a very nice sit down dinner enjoying Puerto Rican and International cuisine. Many Restaurants and Bars have live music on weekends.